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Flexibility vs. Standardization

eGrantsPlus® was designed to provide users with the ability to provide the level of control needed for the various grant programs that might need to be managed. Control can be tightened to ensure that there is standardization of practices across grant programs. Control can be loosened to allow flexibility in the implementation and administration of grant programs.

Enterprise-wide Capability

eGrantsPlus® was designed to be used for any type of implementation from a single grant program to enterprise-wide use across multiple and very different grant programs. The software has been used for a single grant program where 225,000 applications were received in less than one year and over $10 billion in grants was awarded from the software. The software has also been used across the bureaus of a Federal agency to award both competitive and formula grants.

Configurable Workflows of Each System Object

eGrantsPlus® has been organized by system object. Objects include funding sources, agency projects, grant programs, grant opportunities, and organizations. Each object can have a workflow associated with it for the creation and approval of the object and for the use of the object. Shown here is the workflow for the review and approval process for applications in a particular grant program.



Work Assignment and Tracking Functionality

For processes that require the assignment of staff to review or to approve processes, eGrantsPlus® provides for both manual and automatic assignment of staff members. Shown below is the screen where automatic assignment of personnel to workflow steps is controlled. The same screen is used to control the maximum number of days allowed for the processing to occur before a notification is sent to the assignee and the manager to notify them that action is needed.


Automated Configurable Notifications

All notifications in eGrantsPlus® are configurable and are delivered with tokens replaced with data from the eGrantsPlus® Oracle database. Shown below are two notifications as delivered to the “Inbox” of the responsible staff person.



Configurable Email and Correspondence

Just as notifications are configurable in the software, so are all emails and letter correspondence. Users can add or modify email and letter templates. When the triggering event occurs, the email or letter is created and available for sending. Shown below is the screen where a user can review all correspondence, sent or not sent.



Ability to Record Notes with Any Object

Any object in eGrantsPlus® can be configured to allow users to add “Notes” or “Attachments” to the object. Shown below is a Grant Opportunity details page where the opportunity has been configured to allow the addition of Notes and Attachments.



When the “Notes” link is clicked, the user is taken to the appropriate Notes page where existing notes can be reviewed and a new note added. As shown below, the existing notes can be viewed and exported. New notes can be added. Notes categories are configurable and as many categories as desired can be created.


Ability to Create Document Folders

For any object, the user may create a set of folders in which attachments are to be placed. In the example below, grant applications have been configured with three folders – Budget, Correspondence, and General. Each folder has been configured for the types of documents that should be placed in each folder.



Unlimited Document Attachments to Any Object

Once document folders and document types have been configured, users can attach an unlimited number of attachments to each folder. For the object displayed below, one folder has been configured (RFP/Amendments). Only one document type has been configured (Request for Proposal). Five attachments have been configured. For each attachment, a user can view the attachment, deactivate the attachment, update the attachment, or view the attachment history by clicking the appropriate link.



Configurable Dashboards

Staff users have the ability to configure their home screen to display any of the available dashboard widgets. The widgets provide a real-time tabular or graphic summary of the available data. By simply checking the desired widgets, the home screen is modified for the current and coming sessions. Shown below are the Alerts, Opportunity, and Applications widgets in tabular format.



Funds Tracking from Funding Source to End Use

eGrantsPlus® now allows users to track funds from the funding source to the end use. All funds are tracked by invoice payment to chart of accounts field to budget line item to funding source. Users can plan for the use of funds; transfer funds between projects or grant programs and track the funds as they are used and paid out of the financial system AP module. Shown below is a table of payments that has been configured to be visible on a user’s home screen. The user can drill down to see the details of the actual payments made for each budget line item.


Configurable Post-Award Reports and Claims Processing

eGrantsPlus® provides a complete set of post-award processes as shown below. Each process has configurable workflow and configurable content.



Document and Template Version Control

eGrantsPlus® allows users to have an unlimited number of document attachments and document templates. For each document or template, the user can maintain version control of the item and view the history of the updates at any time. Shown below is one template folder (Contracts) with three templates. The third template has four revisions. The history of edits to a document template is displayed when the “History” button is clicked.



Services Layer for Interface with other Systems

eGrantsPlus® has a complete set of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow data to be exchanged with external systems.

In-House or Hosted Offerings

STR provides both in-house and hosted offerings for the software with exceptional support options for both offerings. A user can be up and running in a matter of days with our hosted offering.

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