New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA)

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As a result of Hurricane Katrina, the Road Home program, and the Louisiana Land Trust, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority received approximately 3,000 abandoned, badly damaged, or vacant properties to manage. Some were put into green space or other public use such as storm water retention, sewer right of ways, and new levies. Others were sold through programs such as “lot next door,” bundled for developers, or auctioned to the public.

STR consulted with NORA staff on new policies, processes, and procedures that had to be developed to manage the properties acquired by the state using HUD CDBG funds.

STR assisted NORA by modifying the software developed for the Louisiana Land Trust (LLT) to handle specific policies of the City of New Orleans. STR developed specific reports required by the city and by LLT who then had to report back to the Road Home program and eventually to HUD on the final disposition of the properties. To aid in the transparency of the program, STR developed a public site for NORA where the public could see properties for sale.