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Properties that become abandoned due to unpaid taxes, foreclosure, or blight, often end up being acquired by a local city government. Within each city, one or more different departments or agencies are assigned to manage city-owned properties. They may also be responsible for tracking property that is not owned by the city, but is targeted for intervention or redevelopment.

Whether that responsibility lies with the Treasurer’s office, an Urban Redevelopment Agency, Economic Development Department, or city-run Land Bank, they all need to be able to efficiently manage properties; perform or manage services to keep properties secure and up to code standard; and account for costs and income. They also want to be able to report on their activities and provide transparency by publishing properties on a website, where the public and interested third parties can see what is owned by the city and available to be put to good use.

STR’s software as a service (SaaS) product ePropertyPlus™ can provide cities with what they need right out of the box. STR’s consultants and development team can also work with city staff to ensure that ePropertyPlus™ interfaces with existing software used by the respective department or its partners, so that information is available across the enterprise.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh recently adopted ePropertyPlus™ and is now using the software to manage property information and publish available sites to the Web.