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STR-Grants has been in the grants management consulting business since the late 1990’s when we were asked to develop custom software for the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), a Federal granting agency responsible for managing grants given to Central and South American countries. The software was developed to allow correspondence to be delivered and viewed in four languages.

Following the IAF engagement, STR-Grants embarked on a custom software development project with the Center for National and Community Service (CNCS), one of the 26 Federal granting organizations. This was a complete development project from requirements gathering to rollout and post-production support. The CNCS software went live in 2002 and is still being used today, despite mandates within the Federal Government to use and the three centers of excellence. That implementation involved interfacing with CGI Momentum financial system.

The first release of eGrantsPlus® followed shortly after the CNCS go-live and was immediately viewed as the agency-wide system of choice within the Federal Government. In 2004 and 2005, the STR-Grants software was selected for implementation at the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the grants management system component of total ERP system implementations. eGrantsPlus® went live at DOI in 2005 and was used as the system of record for grants for nearly five years. During that time, point-to-point interfaces were developed for use with the SAP financial system.

Between 2008 and 2011, STR-Grants was included in proposals submitted to the states of Kansas, Illinois, West Virginia, Maryland, and New York. Each proposal included use of the newly implemented services layer of eGrantsPlus® that provides the ability to interface with any third party software for purposes of sharing organization, personnel, grants application, funding, and invoice data. At the same time, STR.Grants was expanding into the Disaster Assistance arena, providing solutions that were used for disaster recovery operations in Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Jersey. Click here to see information about our Disaster Assistance experience.

In 2009, STR-Grants was selected to provide grants management software as a part of an ERP implementation for the State of New York. In 2011, STR-Grants was selected to provide grants management software as part of an ERP implementation for the Administrative Offices of the Courts for the State of Maryland.

In 2012, STR-Grants was selected for implementation as a stand-alone grants management system by the State of Georgia for the Department of Community Health. The eGrantsPlus® software also went live in April, 2015 as a SaaS solution hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Each year since 2006, STR-Grants has released an annual update to eGrantsPlus®. The software has been expanded to include both in-house and hosted options. The software can be used to manage grants for a single grant program or to manage grants across multiple agencies as an enterprise-wide solution. Click here to learn more about eGrantsPlus®.