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Funds Acquisition Management

With the 2014 software release, eGrantsPlus® can be used to track potential sources of funds, apply for funds from those sources and track the awards made by the funding sources. For funds that are awarded, the organization has the ability to track the funds received and where the funds are used within the organization, and whether it is for an internal project or for a grant opportunity that the organization posts. Budgets and performance outcomes are tracked from the award of funds to the final use of the funds so that reports can document both the use of funds and the achievement of performance outcomes. The diagram below shows the grantee process.

Identifying Funding Needs (Project Planning)

The eGrantsPlus® project planning module allows users to create and maintain a list of project and associated budgets; to rank projects in order of priority or importance; and to identify funding needs for projects deemed as “to be executed” going forward. Each project can have a configurable project budget. Budgets can include revenue and expense sections. Project expected net income is automatically calculated. Each budget category can be entered as a total (T) or line-item detail (D) budget as shown below.


Budgets can be aggregated at the push of a button to determine overall budget requirements by budget category.

Searching for Funding Opportunities

In eGrantsPlus®, user-defined searches can be saved to allow users to quickly search for available funds. An unlimited number of searches can be saved. In the example below, a search of the site has been saved.





Once funding sources have been identified, users can create and maintain an unlimited number of funding sources. Each source can have an appropriate configurable workflow. Applications can be tracked after submission and grant awards, when received, can be documented. Received funds can be assigned among available projects and grant programs so that funds can be tracked to the end use.


Shown below is the screen where users manage received funding



After funds have been assigned to projects and grant programs, post-award functionality can be used to (1) require reports of progress (2) allow submission of funding requests, and (3) schedule site visits. Data gathered from these reports can be used to report back to the organization that provided the funding.