Highly Scalable Technical Architecture

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eGrantsPlus® platform provides exceptional scalability, a standards-based integration framework, and configuration flexibility to meet the highly diversified requirements of grant-making agencies at both the Federal and State level. The product incorporates Oracle’s latest database technology, operates across leading UNIX, AIX and Windows environments and integrates with key COTS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, including PeopleSoft Financials, CGI Momentum and SAP.

eGrantsPlus is built on proven enterprise open source services frameworks and libraries such as Apache to publish and consume service APIs between existing client applications. As an Oracle Certified Integration Partner for the PeopleSoft Enterprise, eGrantsPlus follows a stringent process both in terms of development methodology, testing protocols and documentation, to comply with integration standards consistent with Oracle’s Fusion Middleware to provide the utmost in integration flexibility. eGrantsPlus provides security at the screen, file structure and database level. User access requires authentication at the database level with permissions grouped into roles assigned to users as part of the account management process.