Evolving Solution Roadmap

The eGrantsPlus® software platform has been developed with several overarching design principles in mind, specifically: adaptability and flexibility of the application to support effective integration of new functionality; scalability of the application to support a cross-section of State, Local, and Federal agency requirements; and ease of configurability such that the application can be implemented in a streamlined and efficient manner to support rapid achievement of client objectives.

STR continually invests in critical eGrantsPlus capabilities to support evolving grant policy, Federal reporting mandates and greater efficiencies derived from common grants management best practices. Through collaboration with its clients, grant management thought leaders and policy makers alike, STR adapts its eGrantsPlus solution roadmap to address shifts in the way financial assistance is provided and operationalized within the grant management community. This interaction has clearly been paramount for STR as it has implemented its FFATA and recovery-related data collection and reporting capabilities into the eGrantsPlus platform.