Training Services

As part of implementing eGrantsPlus® or ePropertyPlus, STR provides a comprehensive set of training courses, equipping clients with the hands-on knowledge needed to optimize proficiency using eGrantsPlus or ePropertyPlus.

eGrantsPlus Training

Training modules are based on user type:

  • Applicants/Grantees – external users who are applying for grant funds and reporting program information
  • Staff Users – internal agency users who administer grant programs
  • Reviewers – non-staff users that are recruited to assist in the evaluation of applications
  • Manager/Executives – internal agency users who are accountable for the overall success of the grant program and who often participate in the certification of the grant award
  • System Administrators – super users and IT staff that are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the system and high level functionality that impacts the operation of the system

All courses are highly interactive and combine classroom lecture and hands-on exercises simulating practical scenarios. STR’s training staff can deliver instructor-led eGrantsPlus Optimum Performance modules either at the client site or online through a Webinar.


Similarly, training for ePropertyPlus is based on the roles of the users.

Administrator Training
  • Configuration and Data Initialization Training
    Training begins during Configuration and Data Initialization, with the Site Administrator shadowing the Initialization Lead. As ePropertyPlus is configured and data is loaded, the Site Administrator learns how to configure, administer and use the system so that control of the SARASOTA sites can be transferred with ease at the end of the project. This is achieved through a mentoring model where we guide and teach as we do, and the Site Administrator learns by doing.
  • Report Writing Training
    The Site Administrator is trained on creating ad-hoc queries and reports. The reports created during this training are then used during User Training. This is instructor-led training using our generic training materials.
  • Transaction Import Training
    The Site Administrator is trained on importing transactions. This is instructor-led training using our generic training materials.
User Training

On-site, instructor-led User Training will be conducted by the Training Specialist, the Initialization Lead, and the Site Administrator(s), or other staff designated as Trainers by the Site Administrator. STR resources advise, demonstrate, and walk users through “how to do” from a system perspective. SARASOTA resources advise and instruct on SARASOTA policies, procedures, and the usage/data decisions made during initialization.

Training will first focus on ePropertyPlus Fundamentals such as logging in, viewing, searching, and exporting data. Users will then be shown how to process transactions and run reports and will practice doing this by entering examples of existing work and/or process scenarios into the SARASOTA ePropertyPlus Sandbox site. Training materials and session content will be customized so that scenarios and data reflect SARASOTA’s unique processes.