Defense Consulting

STR provides its Defense clients with just the right information they need, when they need it, to reach decisions that prove durable over time and defensible before critical audiences. STR’s analyses respond to client needs to see an issue from all sides by providing integrated analytic products that:

  • Assess balance in warfighting capability provided by key assets (e.g., delivery platforms, mobility, munitions, C4ISR) for a full range of potential threats
  • Trade military readiness today with modernization for tomorrow
  • Provide apples-to-apples comparisons of the capabilities return on investment of diverse force improvement options
  • Demonstrate how investments in technology will provide warfighting and savings benefits in the future
  • Respond to fast-paced decision cycles with analytic outputs, often overnight

STR provides its clients these benefits through its staff with decades of experience in defense analysis, military operations, and security policy development at all levels of the government, and analysis tools designed to produce timely results for budget-constrained tradeoff questions encompassing a wide scope of military forces.

Currently STR is supporting the strategic planning office within Headquarters, United States Air Force, STR personnel conduct analyses of current and future USAF force structures using the Enhanced Tradespace Tool (ETT) suite and other methods including the Enhanced Tradespace Tool Capability Assessment Model (ECAM), to include cost and capability tradeoffs for AF-wide and MAJCOM-specific forces. Specific analyses have included the effects of various Air Force funding levels, divestiture and modernization alternatives, and alternative infrastructure strategies. These effects were measured against Air Force capabilities (fighter, inter- and intra- theater lift, tanker, space, C4ISR, Cyberspace, and Agile Combat Support), component force mix (Active, Guard and Reserve), and the specific appropriations (RDT&E, procurement, O&M, military personnel, and military construction) in the POM-proposed FYDP budget.

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