PPG Industries

Over several years, STR performed a number of consulting engagements with the glass division of PPG Industries.

Scheduling and Performance Feedback System: STR worked with PPG Industries’ Flat Glass manufacturing facilities over a two-year period on the development and implementation of the Scheduling and Performance Feedback System (SPFS). This computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) program permitted scheduling and sequencing of orders to the process control computers on line; fused data from several DBMS systems within the plant; provided an on-line logbook DBMS system; and provided for scheduling and reporting of preventive and corrective maintenance.

The system handles data processing on a local area network (LAN) within each plant, and the transfer of data between the plants and corporate mainframe over a wide area network (WAN). STR was heavily involved in determining the hardware and software requirements for the terminals on the LAN; and for determining the communications and data transfer protocols between the databases on the LAN and the DBMS systems on the mainframe computers.

Glass Analysis & Properties Information Retrieval System: The Glass Analysis & Properties Information Retrieval System (GAPIRS) database contains the results of chemical and spectral analyses conducted on glass samples from various sources. The application provides a list-based system for retrieving and sorting data, and printing reports. The lists include both pre-defined and user-defined display formats, sorts, and reports; and user-defined search criteria. All of the user-defined criteria can be saved and reused. The system allows the user to select a subset of data from the list which can be printed or exported in standard or user-defined formats. A mass-change capability is also provided.

The Project Portfolio System (PPS) is used at a Glass manufacturing research and development facility to track its projects for a given year through the use of a program summary sheet which describes the project, its objectives, and costs. PPS stores these sheets, produces reports, and exports data to Excel for graphing. Reports are generated showing cost breakdowns by department, division, cost centers, and/or research classification.

Project Portfolio System: The Project Portfolio System (PPS) developed by STR Corporation is a DBMS-based system that stores, updates, and prints graphs and reports summarizing this information. The program gives the facility’s project leaders the ability to easily access their project information for entry, updates, and reporting. The GUI front-end used Omnis 7 as the overall development engine.