MCI International

MCI International (MCII) provides service to over 30,000 Telex customers, 10,000 of which are dedicated subscribers. In addition to telex service, some of these customers have private line circuits as well as other MCI services.

MCII’s equipment records for these customers are not readily accessible. Each time a customer calls for assistance, an MCII Customer Service Representative (CSR) must ask the customer to describe his equipment configuration and then try to isolate the problem. This process of identifying the client’s equipment problems is time consuming, frustrating for the client, and prone to error if the client is not familiar with his equipment or its location.

From a revenue perspective, if the customer’s equipment cannot be used to send telex messages then MCII is losing billed revenue. This can be more acute if it involves MCII’s major accounts who generate high revenues and have a large variety of equipment in service.

STR was retained by MCII to develop a Trouble Reporting Information System (TRIS) and to enhance the existing Network Operations Trouble Information System (NOTIS). TRIS provides on-line access to selected customer equipment information. The names of customer points of contact and their telephone numbers, the types of in-service equipment, the location of the equipment, etc. are stored in the system’s data base. The CSRs can enter a description of the reported trouble as well as comments about the status of the account. TRIS generates a trouble description for input into NOTIS.

TRIS was developed using the ORACLE Relational Data Base Management System on VAX 8600s. STR conducted a Requirements Definition and Data Base Design. The logical and physical data base design was developed and the screens and reports were prototyped using Oracle’s SQL*FORMS Facility (IAP). After review by MCII, STR developed the working system, developed end-user and data base administration documentation and provided training to the CSRs. STR also made several modifications to NOTIS to improve its functionality and its interface to TRIS.