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eGrantsPlus® provides an unparalleled level of end-to-end grants management support (see the accompanying diagram) from the creation of a grant program and the announcement of a funding opportunity; through application submission and evaluation, selection, and award; to post-award monitoring, including site-visit scheduling and management, outcomes-based financial and progress reporting, and claims processing. The software can be used to manage a single grant program or all of the grant programs within an organization.

As shown in the diagram above, eGrantsPlus® treats the grantor functionality as a ten step process from grant program set-up and configuration to grant closeout. Part of the functionality is done by the applicant or grant recipient. Part of the functionality is done by the grantor staff and reviewers. These functionalities are separated by the dashed link across the diagram. The Reporting & Correspondence module and the Interface module are shown spanning the entire granting process.

The first step in the granting process is the creation and configuration of grant programs. Once a program is configured, a granting opportunity can be created and “posted” both inside and outside the software. Applicants can then search the available opportunities. The grant program can even be configured to allow applicants to determine their eligibility before starting the application process.


For each opportunity, applicants are able to view the details of the opportunity and any attachments that have been associated with the opportunity.


eGrantsPlus® provides for both pre-applications (i.e., letters-of-intent) and applications. Within eGrantsPlus®, the screen layout for the completion of pre-applications and applications remains constant so that users do not have to re-learn where to look for data when new grant programs are introduced. The sections or pages of the application can be displayed by navigating the tabs in the left pane of the screen. As configured here, there are 12 application sections.


The Application Sections can be collapsed so that staff members can see the available action items available to them. The items include the transaction log, case log, any red flags that have been raised for the applicant organization, available reports, and processing actions.


Within eGrantsPlus®, applications can be processed individually or as a batch depending on the type of grant program. Individual processing tends to be used for competitive grant programs while batch processing tends to be used for direct or formula grant programs.

Managing Post-Award Processes

Once an application has been processed to award, the post-award process in eGrantsPlus® involves:

  1. Creation, submission, and processing of claims
  2. Completion, submission, and processing of performance or progress reports
  3. Completion, submission, and processing of financial status reports
  4. Scheduling and conducting of site visits and processing of site visit results
  5. Performing steps for grant closeout

Performing Steps for Grant Closeout

The closeout process is a configurable process that involves both procedural and financial checklists to ensure that each grant is properly closed. eGrantsPlus®also provides for the submission of amendment/revision requests within a budget period and for annual renewal/continuation of grants where multiple years are involved. eGrantsPlus® provides a complete audit trail of all application and budget updates throughout the life of the grant.

Staff Home Screen Dashboards and Widgets

The home screen for staff users provides a convenient way for users to keep abreast of activities within the system as these activities relate to the user. Shown below is the initial “default” home screen configuration. Each user can configure the startup screen to his or her unique needs.


On the screen are a set of widgets to show system “alerts” to show the user those actions that require no action (green), those that will need action shortly (amber), and those that are overdue and require action now (red).


The home page widgets provide users with tabular and graphic displays of the workflow distribution of system objects, e.g., applications, opportunities, and progress reports. Users can drill down to the details shown in each of the displayed tables.



Services Interface

The eGrantsPlus® architecture allows you to operate the software as standalone software or integrate the software with other important financial and ERP solutions. eGrantsPlus® is built on proven enterprise open source services frameworks and libraries to publish and consume service APIs through middleware products or directly with existing software applications.

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