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ETTThe purpose of the Enhanced Tradespace Tool (ETT) is to help decision makers quickly understand how acquisition and divestiture decisions affect future budgets, force structure, and capabilities.

The ETT contains a Data warehouse for Air Force Long Range Plan positions and options. It is used to see long-term consequences of force structure decisions. It is used to develop both the Resource Allocation Plan (RAP), the PB Programmed Force Extended (PFE), and the POM PFE.

ETT is a PC based planning tool that allows planners to conduct “What-if” analyses of alternative budget proposals. It uses detailed cost and budget data, aircraft inventory, proposed buy quantities, and demographic data on existing aircraft systems combined with business rules, production rates, and formulas that calculated futures costs as programs are slipped, buy quantities changed, and otherwise modified. ETT takes data at the detailed program element level and aggregates it into Air Force Key Capability Assets (AFKCAs) so that impacts of budget modifications are easily understood. ETT then extends the standard five year budget out twenty or thirty years to see the long range effects.

Outputs of ETT include budget projections by key assets, force projections and demographics of systems.

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