Superstorm Sandy Housing Incentive Program (SSHIP)

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Superstorm Sandy caused unprecedented damage to New Jersey’s housing, business, infrastructure, health, social service and environmental sectors. Over 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

In response to this disaster, New Jersey applied for and was granted a HUD CDBG grant to help owners of damaged or destroyed homes rebuild or repair their homes. The Superstorm Sandy Housing Incentive Program (SSHIP) consisted of three major programs: Homeowner Resettlement program; Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation Program (RREM); and Small Rental Program.

As a subcontractor to the prime contractor, HGI, STR modified eGrants and launched it within 18 days of contract award. Over ____ applied online within the first month for the Resettlement program and over 19,000 awards totaling over $190,000,000 were made during the first year. ____ applicants submitted applications for the RREM and Small Rental programs.