Support to A8/XP, Headquarters, US Air Force

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This contract demonstrated STR’s ability to not only develop and refine technical systems, but to leverage their knowledge of these systems to perform valuable analytical tasks. STR conducted analyses of current and future USAF force structures to assess cost-capability tradeoffs for AF-wide and MAJCOM-specific forces. The primary tools used in this analysis were the Enhanced Tradespace Tool (ETT) suite and the ETT Capability Assessment Model (ECAM). STR’s analytical work product aided in the development of the Planning Force, alternative force structure scenarios corresponding to various levels of fiscal constraints as well as anticipated policy changes. The results of these efforts and other STR analytic work was used to create White Papers, PowerPoint presentations, cost assessments, and other products for use in informing Air Force decision making. Specific analyses included the impact of Air Force funding levels, divestiture and modernization options, alternative infrastructure strategies, and risk assessment.

STR also performed a critical development task over the course of this contract. At the direction of A8XP, STR updated ECAM to enhance the analysis capabilities of A8XP. These updates enhanced the ECAM’s analytical capabilities with regards to the DoD’s Analytic Agenda. Specifically, STR updates enabled ECAM to: perform more robust analysis of conventional conflict Defense Planning Scenarios (DPSs), reflect suggestions by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), include new DPSs defined by the QDR and OSD/Joint Staff activities, and automatically transfer data to and from the ETT Force Availability Model.

STR conducted complex analyses of current and future AF force structures using the ETT suite and other methods including developing the ETT Capability Assessment Model (ECAM).

STR, under direction of A8XC, built budget-constrained force options that were used in the play of Futures Games. STR also provided its force-planning expertise in various workshops prior and following game play. STR developed ECAM capability assessment models that helped inform development of force options for A8XC war games. These models could be used for pre/post game analysis and to help adjudicate military operational outcomes during the course of game play.