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A Focus on Fundamentals

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A fundamental tenant to STR’s business success lies in an unrelenting focus of putting its stakeholders’ interests FIRST. STR is committed to helping clients succeed by delivering value-based solutions and an unparalleled level of service quality; providing employees with challenging work opportunities to thrive and grow professionally; and ensuring shareholders benefit from a business model that achieves superior returns over time

Integrity is a cornerstone to STR’s ability to build and sustain quality stakeholder relationships. STR brings a core sense of honesty, candor and respect to all its interactions with clients, employees and shareholders. At STR, integrity is non-negotiable.STR’s cultural vibrancy fuels its competitive differentiation, motivating employees to bring to bear the best in thought, applied experience, tools and approaches to each client engagement. Shared satisfaction comes from a reality that true value derived from working with STR as a whole far exceeds the mere sum of its parts.

Clients are the beneficiaries of STR employees’ hard work done smartly. Family, community involvement, and personal interests and endeavors give greater meaning to the lives of STR’s employees and provide the needed balance to sustain successful professional outcomes.

At STR, our clients set the goals. We meet them, because we share them. It’s that simple!