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STR, LLC is a software development and professional services business supporting clients in the government and private sector. Founded in 1985, STR’s clients have ranged from the Air Force and Army to the New York Transit Authority to PPG Industries to the City of Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority. To date, STR has helped Lockheed Martin design the F-22 fighter; helped Carolina Mirror Company increase plant productivity; eliminated all paper grant applications at the Corporation for National and Community Service; distributed over $15 billion in grant awards to victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Sandy; and provided land banks with the software to manage thousands of blighted and abandoned properties.

The goals of STR have been the same since inception – providing excellence in our products and services within a family-first environment. Our core competency has always been providing decision-makers with analytical tools and models to make good, well-informed decisions. Over time it became clear that we had the skills and experience to create software to provide innovative solutions to solve our customers’ unique problems.

In the late 1990s, STR created a highly flexible, configurable and scalable software product that allowed the Corporation for National and Community Service to manage their process of awarding grants. This grants management understanding and expertise provided the back-drop for the Department of the Interior and the Department of Homeland Security as well as many state-based agencies to adopt eGrantsPlus® to manage their grant programs.

When hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, STR quickly modified its grants software to roll out an online application in just three weeks for stricken residents in Mississippi and Louisiana to apply for disaster aid. Road Home, the recovery program in Louisiana, was the largest single-housing recovery program in U.S. history. STR’s grants solution processed over 200,000 homeowner applications, and managed more than 150,000 awards totaling over $8 billion in HUD disaster funds. Our disaster assistance work in Louisiana has been a life-changing experience for many within our company. Ten years later we are honored to continue to be part of the team helping the affected families.

STR continued to innovate by taking the technology built for the Road Home and creating a true multi-tenant architected software program targeting municipal agencies. This software enables the management of blighted properties to accelerate the time for those properties to be sold and starting to generate tax revenues again.

Let STR be your most trusted source for high value, practical solutions that work and can be implemented NOW. STR’s seasoned staff has a keen awareness of your operational realities and combines its functional grants management know-how, strategic consulting and decision analytic expertise, and proven COTS software capabilities to tailor a solution to your unique situation. When we say that your goals are ours, we’re not making a promise. We’re stating a fact.