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STR has built custom software solutions for many clients. In each case, STR follows a custom software development plan that is comprised of four key phases: Define, Design, Build and Deploy.

  • ourapproachDefine: Base requirements are validated and mapped to core system capabilities. It is essential that STR understand our clients’ needs, in both practical and technical terms. During the Define phase, we do a deep dive with our client to ensure that what we are preparing to build is aligned to meet their needs. We ensure that our system can be delivered and deployed within their budget and by their team.
  • Design: For new customizations, detailed functional and technical specifications are developed as part of the Design phase. STR evaluates clients’ current and anticipated technical systems and staff configurations and designs a solution that addresses where the client is today and where the client wants to be in the future. We also work with the client to compare different options for achieving the desired outcome using different software tools, making sure that the final choice is one they are happy and comfortable making.
  • Build: The customizations are developed, tested and incorporated into the baseline system for user acceptance as part of the Build phase. STR employs a rigorous testing process to ensure that when our systems go live, they stay live and function as intended, without expensive and disruptive fixes.
  • Deploy: STR provides configuration, training, change management and user support, consistent with the roll-out strategy for the engagement. Our typical approach is a side-by-side, learn-by-doing training model. We find that our clients learn best and internalize training by using the software tools. We augment that with online tutorials, as well as help articles that are continuously developed in response to client feedback.

Risk management is part of STR’s standard project management approach. Throughout the solution delivery lifecycle, STR works with clients to anticipate all the things that typically could go wrong, assess probability and impact of each, and develop and execute appropriate mitigation plans. Project Reviews, Architecture and Code Walkthroughs, and Stakeholder Briefings are conducted systematically to facilitate open and candid communications, share information on potential risks, and validate performance expectations are being met.