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Success Since 1985

Fairfax, Virginia-based STR Grants LLC (“STR”) has a proven track record of more than 30 years of success delivering information technology solutions to address the public sector’s toughest operational challenges. We provide our clients long term value with software capabilities to optimize near-term success. We position them for sustained, smart performance going forward. We practice a consultative, decision-analytic approach. Collaboratively, we craft strategic solutions that address market drivers, operational realities and constituent dynamics, whether for federal, state, or local municipal client partners.

There is no better example of this commitment than STR’s partnership with the State of Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

  • STR’s core eGrantsPlus® platform is the system that supports the $8 billion HUD/CDBG-funded Road Home homeowner-rebuilding program. It tracks grants dispersed to over 150,000 residents affected by the storms.
  • STR also developed a custom property management solution for the Louisiana Land Trust (LLT) to provide the processing backbone to manage maintenance and disposition activities for over 10,000 properties returned to the State as part of the rebuilding program.

Our corporate commitment to help the public sector respond to natural and economic devastation extends into our Property Management Practice with our ePropertyPlus solution and the Administrative HUB.

  • ePropertyPlus was developed in consultation with Center for Community Progress and Michigan land banks to deliver operational efficiency, transparency to the public, and exceptional cost controls. ePropertyPlus is the preferred solution for land banks across the United States and is being adopted for use by redevelopment authorities, county tax departments, and others.
  • The Administrative HUB was developed with municipal law firm Ancel Glink and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to help low-capacity Illinois local governments better utilize their legal authority to attach liens on vacant and abandoned property. The Administrative HUB harnesses cooperative purchasing and STR’s proprietary software platform to provide efficient and cost-effective services to client governments.

STR’s team members possess a mix of professional experience, domain knowledge, and creativity, which allows STR to deliver value-based solutions with an unparalleled level of client service and product quality. We do that through teamwork. We share a common vision. We develop and execute action plans that provide clarity and focus. Spirit, character and personal authenticity distinguish our team of smart professionals. Contact us to explore how we can help improve your organization’s performance!