Technology Solutions for Your Most Demanding Grants and Property Management Needs

At STR, the way we work is simple. You set goals and we meet them, because we share them. It’s that simple!

This is a new era in grants management. The transparency and accountability implications of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are game-changers for connecting financial and mission data to improve outcomes of publically-funded programs. No Federally-funded grant program is immune from the increased scrutiny and visibility for program results and for remedying audit exposures.

To respond, direct grant recipients and sub-recipients are finding their traditional management and technology systems inadequate in complying with the increased transparency and reporting demands inherent with Recovery Act funding. The search for transformational solutions is now a high priority as traditional workarounds of modifying brittle legacy systems are too time consuming and manual data gathering and reporting yield questionable accuracy.

Let STR be your most trusted source for high value, practical solutions that work and can be implemented NOW. STR’s seasoned staff has a keen awareness of your operational realities and combines its functional grants management know-how, strategic consulting and decision analytic expertise, and proven COTS software capabilities to tailor a solution to your unique situation. When we say that your goals are ours, we’re not making a promise. We’re stating a fact.

eGrantsPlus Scaling to New Heights

ePropertyPlus™ Goes Live in Kalamazoo County. Check out the latest updates.

ePropertyPlus, eDisasterRelief, and our flagship eGrantsPlus® COTS product provide strategic solution platforms for comprehensive grants and property portfolio management, compliance, and reporting visibility.

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